Maternity Quality Measures

National Quality Forum (NQF) Perinatal Care and Reproductive Health Project 2011

NQF reviews and endorses quality measures that are then used by government agencies such as CMS and by non-government quality review agencies such as The Joint Commission and the LeapFrog Group.  The last comprehensive NQF review of Perinatal Measures was in 2008 with a few additional relevant measures added during other reviews (e.g. Healthy Term Newborn was added as part of the Pediatric Population Review Process in 2009).  There is a current process underway (2011-2012) for measure maintenance and consideration of new measures.  Information on this process can be found at NQF Perinatal Care and Reproductive Health Project web page.

17 NQF Perinatal Measures were endorsed in the 2008 process and can be found here.  Note that CMQCC was the developer (and the Intellectual Property Owner) of 3 of these measures.  In addition, CMQCC was the developer of the measure, Healthy Term Newborn.

Specifications for CMQCC/NQF Measures 

The related pages for this subject provide further information about the CMQCC/NQF measures and can serve as a reference for those interested in greater detail about the measure specifications.